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Test Your Skills With These 17 Language Quizzes
Knowledge is power. Do you know basic Spanish? Prove it by getting a high score in this very simple quiz. Do you think your Spanish is better than a 14-year-old Scottish kid’s Spanish? Take this quiz and find out! Can you actually carry a conversation in Spanish?... Read more
24 Things That Are Normal In France But Seem Super Weird To Everyone Else
Gird your loins for cheese and bureaucracy. Wherever you are, you’ll have no problem finding a pharmacy nearby… We may or may not have the world's highest concentration of pharmacies per square mile… 😛 But a lot of businesses are closed on Sundays. So if you're in desperate... Read more
Can You Spend A Weekend In Barcelona Without Going Over Your Budget?
Ready, set, travel. Here’s the deal: You’ve been working your ass off to save up for the vacation of your dreams, and you’ve decided on Barcelona. You’ve have $1,000 dollars to spend on your epic trip. NBC Now, it’s finally time to take your long awaited vacation. Can you... Read more
A Very R&K Thanksgiving

A Very R&K Thanksgiving

Travel November 22, 2017 0

It’s nearly time for the annual U.S. tradition of turkey, stuffing, and desperately trying to avoid discussing politics with your drunk uncle. We here at Roads & Kingdoms are continuing our annual tradition with a literary potluck. We’ve each selected a dish from some of our favorite food stories... Read more
A People Without Refuge

A People Without Refuge

Travel November 20, 2017 0

In Myanmar, the majority Muslim group has faced relentless persecution, particularly since military crackdowns began in 1978. Subsequently, the Rohingya were denied citizenship under the 1982 nationality law. A recent exodus, the largest thus far that garnered rare international attention for the issue, began after Rohingya militants attacked a... Read more
Will Someone Please Make Us This Yemenite Pancake Hybrid Stat?
Lachuch in Tel Aviv The first time I met Irit, she was running around her tiny hole-in-the-wall café, blistering aubergines and squeezing oranges, chopping salad and plonking plates onto tables. All the while, she screeched Hebrew greetings and orders to her customers. Her long grey hair was scraped into... Read more
23 Things to Know Before You Go to Nairobi
Drink a cold Tusker. Tusker, Kenya’s most-loved beer brand, is best served baridi—cold. (Ask for it cold or it will arrive warm.) Imbibe an after-work Tusker at Mist Club, where rush-hour traffic on Tom Mboya Street below drowns out the ’90s R&B coming over the speakers. The golden premium... Read more
Can You Spend A Weekend In Paris Without Going Over Budget?
How budget-savvy are you? Here’s the deal: You’ve been saving up for an unforgettable trip to Paris, and you put away $1,000 to devote to your trip. AMC Now it’s finally time to take your long-awaited vacation and see if you’re really a budget-savvy traveler. Can you spend a... Read more
The Life and Legend of India’s Bandit Queen
She spends her early adolescence in the village grazing the family’s buffalo and takes up with the son of the village headman. She develops a reputation for promiscuity and is sent away to her sister’s home in a nearby village, where she and her distant (and married) cousin, Kailash,... Read more
There Are No Polite Canadians When it Comes to Grape-Stomping Glory
Glühwein in Simmering According to an old Viennese joke, the city’s Central Cemetery is half the size of Zürich, but twice as fun. It is huge. It contains 330,000 tombs, and a deceased population almost double that of Vienna’s living residents. But central, it’s not: it’s on Vienna’s southern... Read more