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21 Things to Know Before You Go to Iran
Bring cash. Lots of it. Because of U.S. and European Union economic sanctions against Iran, Western debit or credit cards don’t work there, so you can’t get any money out of ATMs. It’s also not possible to exchange money outside of the country, so you’ll need to bring all... Read more
Radio Nowhere

Radio Nowhere

Travel December 11, 2017 0

Most of the staff had no prior training in radio journalism before joining Alwan. Sami describes himself as having “come from a regular, boring HR job in Dubai” before he found his calling at Alwan in the early years of the Syrian civil war in 2013. He moved to... Read more
Lagman Vs. Laksa: Who Will Win the Noodle Championship?
Lagman in Tashkent Igor spoke more English than our usual Uzbek hosts, though he shared their tendency to overfeed us. It was a fine Monday morning when he took us to his favorite kafesi for a bowl of lagman; he told us that it was the best in the... Read more
More Than One Way to Cook a Goat
Bohra Muslims have been an important presence in Mumbai for nearly two centuries, and yet most Mumbaikars know about them in only the most general terms. They’re an educated, close-knit mercantile community and have an ecstatic reverence for the Syedna, their religious leader. Originally from Yemen by way of... Read more
17 Impossible Decisions For People Who Love To Travel
Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like we are having a problem on the server. 1. Would you rather spend a winter vacation in a snow-capped chalet in St. Moritz or an ocean-front villa in St. Lucia? Source link Read more
17 Things No One Tells You About Living In Los Angeles
No one works when it rains. If you’re late because of “traffic,” people actually believe you. therealfelixbaumgartner / Via Bringing your dog everywhere is completely acceptable. Dogs are like children here. frenchie_handsome.junior / Via The stars are actually just a part of the regular, old sidewalk in... Read more
Is This the World’s Best Vegetarian Dish?
Misal in Pune Its 11 a.m. on a Tuesday when I amble down the footpaths in the historic ‘peth’ area of Pune, in search of breakfast and the legendary misal at Shri Krishan Bhuvan. Vendors in the bustling market area of Tulshibaug thrust their wares at me—a neckpiece, handkerchiefs,... Read more
16 Epic Scottish Airbnbs That'll Make You Say "That's My Next Trip Sorted"
And they’re all impossibly scenic and charming too (of course). This stunning wee croft house in Sutherland. Airship 002 in the Highlands. This beautiful riverside cottage in Crieff. This luxurious apartment in Edinburgh. The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle in Berwickshire. This wonderful wee eco cabin in Forres. Blue Moon... Read more
The Names Of These 12 Actual Places In France Will Make You Giggle
BRB roadtripping to Orgy, France. This probably well-protected town on the river Baïse…. The locals are called condomois, and they've even been trying to build a museum of contraceptives. This attention-grabbing village near the eastern border… Named after a Roman land owner named, if you can believe it,... Read more
The Fonio Revival

The Fonio Revival

Travel November 27, 2017 0

It’s around lunchtime outside the village of Ndebou in Kedougou, the southeastern-most region of Senegal. In the middle of her field, Ansel Keita peers into a clay pot where a tiny, off-white grain is expanding by the minute. Under the shade of a nearby tree her sons rest, having... Read more