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Why Netflix's new Stranger Things merch is good news for lovers of cult TV and movies
Earlier in the year, we reported that Netflix could be moving into merchandise for its original content based on a job listing that was spotted on the company’s website. Flash forward several months, and we are now seeing those merchandising plans come into full effect – seemingly just in... Read more
Scottevest The Hoodie (Cotton)
Scottevest’s pocket-laden garments never cease to impress us. We were wowed by The Hoodie in the past for its excellent quality and loads of storage. The latest design takes that concept to a hilarious extreme, doubling the number of pockets and turning the hooded sweatshirt into something more like... Read more
Nvidia's Drive PX Pegasus is just the tip of its automotive plans
Nvidia is on a mission to revolutionise the automotive industry. While Tesla may be disrupting the industry with its manufacturing process and industry-leading electric vehicles, Nvidia has its eyes on building the smart car’s brain. At the moment, almost every modern car on the road has a Nvidia GPU... Read more
G.Skill reveals new 32GB Trident Z RAM kit
Lights up. Goes fast. Trident has just announced a new addition to its Trident Z RGB RAM series, a massive 32GB kit, in four 8GB sticks. The new kit features high-performance Sansung B-die DDR4 ICs, and run at 4266MHz. G.Skill claims this is the fastest 32GB kit available when it... Read more
Panasonic launches new Toughpad FZ-Q2 semi-rugged convertible PC
New 2-in-1 detachable is tougher than your average PC… Rugged laptops and other devices are rarely pretty, but I’ve always found them quite attractive – probably because I like to imagine myself as some kind of man-of-action/field agent accessing vital mission information on one while in the field and... Read more
Xbox Fall Update: The biggest changes as Microsoft preps for the Xbox One X
Xbox Fall Update: The biggest changes as Microsoft preps for the Xbox One X | PCWorld Moving games from console to the new Xbox One X console could be a chore, but Microsoft is ready. Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this... Read more
Airbus on track to fly its electric aerial taxi in 2018
Airbus is looking to put its flying taxi in the air next year, confirmed CityAirbus chief engineer Marius Bebesel this week. The schedule is on track after CityAirbus conducted successful ground tests of the electric power system it’s using to propel the vehicle through the air. The CityAirbus craft... Read more
IBM launches two new services to help businesses move to the cloud
IBM today announced two new services that are meant to make it easier for businesses to move their data and applications to the cloud. The company says the IBM Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment Services will make it easier and more affordable to migrate their existing workloads... Read more
Alphabet’s Project Wing now delivers burritos by drone in southeastern Australia
It’s been a while since we last heard from Project Wing, X‘s moonshot drone delivery project. But after a few fallow months, the team posted an update today and it looks like the project has made quite some progress. Alphabet’s X unit is now testing the Project Wing drones... Read more
Google Photos gets more pet-friendly
If you’re a pet owner who uses Google Photos, you’ve probably typed in “dog” or “cat” before in order to surface photos of your furry pal – like anytime someone asks you about your pet, for example, which clearly means they would like to see a picture of Mr.... Read more