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Cam site CamSoda announces OhRoma scent mask integration for exactly the reason you’re thinking
As we approach the coming apocalypse we need bread, circuses and odors to keep us entertained. That’s why CamSoda, a NSFW webcam site, has announced the OhRoma, a VR-compatible scent mask that injects the smells of roses, perfume and private parts into your VR webcamming experience. Yeah. You read... Read more
Super Mario Run will come to Android in March
As we’ve known for a while, Super Mario Run is coming to Android after an exclusive stint on iOS. It’s… going to be a while, though. According to a tweet from Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, Mario won’t auto-run his way across Android screens until sometime in March. Here’s the... Read more
Nintendo Switch release date, news and features
Updated: It appears the Nintendo Switch’s companion app is a more essential part of online play than we initially thought. As well as being required for voice chat, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Amie said it would be used for matchmaking, hotspotting and more besides. Read on to find out... Read more
McAfee LiveSafe (2017)

McAfee LiveSafe (2017)

Tech January 19, 2017 0

Would you rather have 10 cookies, or all the cookies you want? Unlimited cookies clearly seems better, even though you probably wouldn’t even eat 10 of them at one sitting. The same holds for security suite licenses. Rather than limit you to protecting a finite number of Windows, Android,... Read more
Smart home brewing: Meet the PicoBrew and Brewie
Home brewing is hard work. While it eventually pays off in the form of a steady stream of cheap beer and the satisfaction you made it yourself, it takes both time and effort. As ever, startups have an answer. Seattle’s PicoBrew and Hungary’s Brewie both showed off automated home-brew machines... Read more
Antec and EK Water Blocks join forces for new Cube PC case
Antec’s very find of its Cube PC case – it’s already worked with Razer on a co-branded version of the chassis, and now the PSU and case-maker has teamed with liquid cooling experts EK Water Blocks for a case dedicated to keeping your components as cool and quiet as... Read more
Review: Review: Misfit Phase breaks the smartwatch mould
You can normally spot a smartwatch from a mile away – they’re all buttons and screens, chunky timepieces that might free up your phone, but weigh down your wrist. That’s not the case here, though. Misfit’s first proper smartwatch is the master of subtlety. There’s no battery-sapping screen, no... Read more
Microsoft halts Minecraft updates for Windows 10 phones, as W10M consumer apps slowly die
Microsoft halts Minecraft updates for Windows 10 phones, as W10M consumer apps slowly die | PCWorld Update Runtastic pulls support, too. By Mark Hachman | Senior Editor, PCWorld | Jan 18, 2017 5:02 PM PT Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this... Read more
Most pressing infrastructure needs do not require federal money or approval
President-elect Trump has called for a trillion dollars in infrastructure investment, but he wants the private sector to play a critical role. Fortunately, one of our nation’s immediate infrastructure needs will not have to rely on the federal government at all. Private sector investment in a smarter grid will... Read more
Salesforce opens engineering office in Microsoft’s and Amazon’s backyards
Salesforce announced today that it plans to open an engineering and innovation hub in the Seattle area, greatly expanding its presence there. Company co-founder Parker Harris says the office, which is located in the Nine Two Nine Office Tower in Bellevue, will be dedicated mostly to supporting the company’s artificial intelligence initiative, introduced... Read more