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Doppler Labs taps former Microsoft corporate devices head for COO, says Here One will ship Feb. 21
Doppler Labs is growing its executive team as it prepares to ship its first major product release. Today, the company announced that Brian Hall, former Corporate VP of Devices at Microsoft, will be joining Doppler Labs as its COO. Hall joins the smart earbud company after 20 years at... Read more
Apple will finally let developers respond to App Store reviews
Apple is finally going to give its developers a way to respond to customer reviews on its App Store and Mac App Store – a feature that’s long been available to Android developers on Google Play, much to the chagrin of the Apple developer community. According to developer documentation for... Read more
The 15 best laptops of 2017: the top laptops ranked
Update: Now considered the best in its class, the Dell XPS 13 entry has been updated with a sprinkling of new information from our review of the most recent model. Read on to the number 1 entry on our list to find out why Dell’s 13-inch Ultrabook remains a... Read more


Tech January 24, 2017 0

In the current era of wireless (and even wire-free) earphones, the wired RHA CL750 feel a bit like a throwback—they don’t even have an inline remote control. At $139.95, however, the headphones offer an audio experience that many far more expensive options could only dream of. There is one... Read more
HP recalls over 100,000 more laptop batteries for fire hazard
HP recalls over 100,000 more laptop batteries for fire hazard | PCWorld The move expands a recall first announced last year Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Credit: HP “);});try{$(“div.lazyload_blox_ad”).lazyLoadAd({threshold:0,forceLoad:false,onLoad:false,onComplete:false,timeout:1500,debug:false,xray:false});}catch(exception){console.log(“error loading lazyload_ad “+exception);}}); HP is expanding its recall of laptop... Read more
LiquiGlide raises $16 million to get every last drop out of packages or tanks
If you think it’s frustrating trying to get that last drop of ketchup out of the bottle, or toothpaste out of the tube, imagine having to waste and clean valuable and sticky substances from pipes or tanks in a factory. A startup called LiquiGlide has raised $16 million in... Read more
EquipmentShare, the Airbnb of construction, raises $26 million
It hasn’t even been a year since EquipmentShare raised a Series A round of funding, but the “Airbnb of construction rentals,” has closed a $26 million Series B round. The Columbia, Missouri-based startup helps contractors rent out their under-utilized equipment, or rent safety tested equipment that they need from... Read more
Apple releases macOS 10.12.3 with MacBook Pro GPU and battery fixes
Apple has just released an update to macOS Sierra. 10.12.3 is a bugfix update, but it brings some much-needed changes for the new MacBook Pro released late last year. With today’s update, Apple has issued a couple of fixes for the graphics chipset in the 15-inch model. Apple has... Read more
Samsung records highest profit jump in 3 years
Samsung today recorded its biggest leap in profits for three years,up 50 percent year-on-year, showing that there is far more to the company than the Galaxy Note 7 saga. The Korean giant reported an operating profit of KRW 9.22 trillion ($7.92 billion) on total revenue of KRW 53.33 trillion ($44.6 billion)... Read more
Scientists can now 3D-print human skin
A lot of things have been 3D printed over the years. Drones. Hair. Dog noses. Buses. Bones. And now we can add one more item to the list – human skin. Biologists at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have built a prototype of a 3D bioprinter that can... Read more