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StarCraft II is going free-to-play on November 14, with a few caveats
StarCraft II is going free-to-play on November 14, with a few caveats | PCWorld Wings of Liberty spreads its wings Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. StarCraft II “);});try{$(“div.lazyload_blox_ad”).lazyLoadAd({threshold:0,forceLoad:false,onLoad:false,onComplete:false,timeout:1500,debug:false,xray:false});}catch(exception){console.log(“error loading lazyload_ad “+exception);}}); The focus at BlizzCon 2017 is mostly on... Read more
OpenStack’s next mission: bridging the gaps between open source projects
OpenStack, the massive open source project that provides large businesses with the software tools to run their data center infrastructure, is now almost eight years old. While it had its ups and downs, hundreds of enterprises now use it to run their private clouds and there are even over... Read more
Xbox One X review: This is the ultimate Xbox
This is the Xbox One X. It’s the fastest and smallest Xbox and the first to offer games in 4K. At $499 the higher resolution comes at a steep price. After a week with the console and hours of gaming, I can firmly state the Xbox One X is... Read more
iPhone X teardown finds major changes inside the gleaming exterior
The iPhone 8 may have been filled with the expected kit, but we’ve all been looking forward to finding out what fun Apple’s engineers had putting together the all-new iPhone X — and it doesn’t disappoint. iFixit’s excellent-as-always teardown finds a wealth of strange new components inside the biggest... Read more
How deep learning is crafting the next generation of security software
For consumer and enterprise users, viruses and malware are a never ending cause of trouble. However in the enterprise market there are bigger things at stake – businesses have much more sensitive data and services in place that can’t afford to be compromised in any way. Year on year,... Read more
Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional
The modern customer relationship management (CRM) space wouldn’t exist without Salesforce, which blazed a trail for cloud-based CRM software and still leads the market. Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional, which starts at $25 per user per month, remains the dominant force in the space, continuing to add features and... Read more
Highway to the Razer phone

Highway to the Razer phone

Tech November 5, 2017 0

PC gaming tech gets squeezed into a smartphone for the first time. Razer isn’t the first company to give the whole gamer-friendly phone thing a go: the Nokia N-Gage and Sony’s Xperia Play both tried, and well, failed. Miserably. The thing is, neither of those big-name brands has their finger on... Read more
BlizzCon 2017 news recap: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, new Overwatch hero, more
It’s that time of year again. Hordes (and Alliances) of people descended on Anaheim this week for BlizzCon 2017, taking over the newly expanded Anaheim Convention Center for news on World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and StarCraft II. Conspicuously absent: Diablo news of any kind. Even... Read more
BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen team up on high-power charging network
BMW Group, Daimler, Ford Motor Company, and the Volkswagen Group (with subsidiaries Audi and Porsche) will join up to create a high-power charging network for electric vehicles called “Ionity,” which will build and operate around 400 charging stations across Europe by 2020. The collaborative venture formed by the automakers... Read more
Adobe and Microsoft expand partnership with Adobe Experience Manager and Dynamics 365 integration
Adobe and Microsoft expanded their continuing partnership today when they announced that they are making it easy to share data between Adobe Experience Manager, a website marketing tool and Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s CRM tool. For a sales person that means seeing the latest sales activity and customer interactions from... Read more