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Mars' atmosphere well protected from the solar wind
IMAGE: Left: Charged particles from the sun (the solar wind) form an induced magnetosphere round Mars, which unlike the sun does not have its own intrinsic magnetic field Right: Robin… view more  Credit: Artwork and photo: Anastasia Grigoryeva. Despite the absence of a global Earth-like magnetic dipole, the... Read more
Revising the story of the dispersal of modern humans across Eurasia
IMAGE: Map of sites and postulated migratory pathways associated with modern humans dispersing across Asia during the Late Pleistocene. view more  Credit: Bae et al. 2017. On the origin of modern humans: Asian perspectives. Science. Image by: Katerina Douka and Michelle O’Reilly Most people are now familiar with the traditional... Read more
Good news: A microwaved egg can’t permanently damage your hearing
Earlier this year, a person was eating a hard-boiled egg at a restaurant. The egg was cold. The restaurant patron asked the waiter to warm the edible ovum up—which they probably lived to regret. When the waiter brought the dish back, the eater took a bite and the egg... Read more
Many more bacteria have electrically conducting filaments
IMAGE: Microbiologist Derek Lovley and colleaugues at UMass Amherst report finding electrically conducting pili or ‘e-pili’ in more bacteria species than just the original Geobacter discovery he made 30 years ago…. view more  Credit: UMass Amherst AMHERST, Mass. – Microbiologists led by Derek Lovley at the University of Massachusetts Amherst,... Read more
Arctic influences Eurasian weather and climate
IMAGE: Arctic influence in winter. Between the two rings of dashed lines (the Northern mid-latitudes) white areas indicate no discernable Arctic influence and dark yellow areas indicate strongest Arctic influence. view more  Credit: Tido Semmler Over the past decades the Arctic has lost 65% of its sea ice volume. The... Read more
Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device
IMAGE: Dr. Gavin Bell and Dr. Yorck Ramachers in the laboratory. view more  Credit: University of Warwick New ‘double-glazed’ solar power device opens up fresh opportunities to develop more advanced photovoltaics – invented by University of Warwick researchers Totally new way of collecting solar energy – using gas rather than... Read more
Evolution: It's all in the ears
IMAGE: Transparent skulls of an extinct plesiosaur (top) and a living crocodile (bottom). The inner ear is the pink structure towards the back of the head. view more  Credit: James Neenan The inner ears of extinct aquatic reptiles from millions of years ago closely resemble those of some living aquatic... Read more
How do performance-enhancing drugs work?
The Russian Olympic team is officially barred from competition in this year’s winter games for using performance-enhancing drugs in Sochi back in 2014. But it’s mostly non-Olympians—actually, mostly non-athletes—who use those drugs on a daily basis. Anabolic steroids are more popular than you might think, especially given the potential... Read more
New insights into life and death of Jumbo the elephant revealed in BBC One documentary
IMAGE: Image of the team with Sir David Attenborough. view more  Credit: Photography: Vik Manchanda, Copyright: Humble Bee Films New insights into the life and mysterious death of Jumbo the elephant – a celebrity animal superstar whose story is said to have inspired the film ‘Dumbo’ – will be revealed... Read more
One wet winter can shake up San Francisco Bay's invasive species
IMAGE: Marine ecologist Andy Chang tracks invasive species in California, and is discovering ways climate change and extreme weather can alter the playing field. view more  Credit: Julia Blum For many Californians, last year’s wet winter triggered a case of whiplash. After five years of drought, rain from October 2016... Read more