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Fighting fires before they spark
IMAGE: This is an an image of the associated Professor in The University of New Mexico Dept. of Biology. view more  Credit: Matthew Hurteau With warm, dry summers comes a deadly caveat for the western United States: wildfires. Scientists say the hot, dry climates found west of the Mississippi, along... Read more
NASA finds Tropical Storm Lan strengthening
IMAGE: NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Storm Lan on Oct. 17 at 12:17 a.m. EDT (0417 UTC) and saw coldest cloud top temperatures (purple) around the storm’s center…. view more  Credit: Credits: NASA JPL/Ed Olsen Infrared imagery from NASA’s Aqua satellite revealed that Tropical Storm Lan was getting stronger... Read more
Volcanic eruptions linked to social unrest in Ancient Egypt
IMAGE: This piece of papyrus from the mid-Third Century BCE describes a period of famine in Egypt that occurred when the Nile River failed to flood for several years in a… view more  Credit: © Department of Papyrology, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw Around 245 BCE Ptolemy III, ruler... Read more
The head of the U.S.'s largest mosquito control program has science on her side
There are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world, and if Jodi Holeman could, she’d catch one of each. She can identify the bugs down to the genus, and usually the species, by sight. She has only 19 kinds pinned in her collection but carries plastic bags wherever... Read more
'Hiding in plain sight' — Discovery raises questions over scale of overlooked biodiversity
IMAGE: This picture shows the two species which scientists have shown are genetically divergent, Meladema coriacea(left) and Meladema lepidoptera (right). view more  Credit: David Bilton – University of Plymouth Scientists have used cutting-edge DNA technology and museum samples collected over the past two centuries to reveal a new species of... Read more
UTA researchers earn grant to help Texas city prioritize post-Harvey debris cleanup
IMAGE: This is an image of Anand Puppala, associate dean for research for UTA’s College of Engineering and a professor in the Civil Engineering Department view more  Credit: UT Arlington After Hurricane Harvey hit Beaumont, Texas, in September, residents began to clean up their homes and neighborhoods. As a result,... Read more
Study suggests oysters offer hot spot for reducing nutrient pollution
IMAGE: This is an image of a fringing oyster reef near one of the team’s study sites in North Carolina. view more  Credit: © A. Smyth. When it comes to oysters and their role in reducing nutrient pollution, a new study by researchers at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of... Read more
In loving memory of Jeremy, the one-in-a-million mutant snail
Jeremy, we hardly knew ye. Plucked from obscurity amongst the rotting peels of a London compost heap, thrust into the spotlight in a bold bid to find somebody to love, this garden snail twisted its way into all of our hearts—counterclockwise. Scientists found the “lefty” hero dead in a... Read more
Cocktail tests on toxic waste called for
IMAGE: These are laboratory experiments with the shredder Gammarus pulex to detect effects of pollutants. view more  Credit: University of Barcelona Surprisingly low concentrations of toxic chemicals – from fungicides to antidepressants – can change the way some aquatic creatures swim and feed, according to new research. In addition, depending... Read more
Rice's Laurence Yeung named 2017 Packard Fellow
IMAGE: This is Laurence Yeung. view more  Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University HOUSTON — (Oct. 16, 2017) — Rice University’s Laurence Yeung has made a career of searching for some of Earth’s rarest molecules and the stories they tell about the planet’s past, present and future. To aid his search, the... Read more