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Pokemon Go: Every Halloween Event Pokemon
This year’s Pokemon Go Halloween event again features pooky Pokemon like Gastly, Drowzee, and Cubone, but this time a few Ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region are joining. Look out for Sableye, Banette, and more, plus a special Pikachu wearing a witch hat. Check out the video below for... Read more
Weekend Warrior – Last Minute Gaming Before Next Week's Triple-A Release Wave
It was a busy week here at Game Informer, but the weekend is finally close at hand. As we enter the eleventh hour before the release of some of this season’s biggest titles, the G.I. crew is hard at work getting everything ready for readers. As such, a lot... Read more
Destiny 2 Will Make Huge Improvement for Iron Banner Season 2
For most members of the Destiny 2 community, last week’s Iron Banner was a disappointment. Although the promise of new gear and armor was intriguing, the way that Bungie set up the event and how it doles out rewards left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Bungie has heard... Read more
Review: Putty Pals review – Co-op platformer ideal for Switch
While Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an extraordinary game, it was Snipperclips that arguably defined the strengths of the platform at launch. Here was a bright, accessible co-op multiplayer puzzler that perfectly highlighted the console’s inclusive twin-controller setup. For all the games that have flooded onto the eShop... Read more
Nintendo Switch’s new system update makes a bunch of big and important changes. One smaller change that Nintendo didn’t highlight in its rundown of version 4.0.0 is just as nice, though: The console’s activity log, which notoriously does a poor job of precisely tracking play time, is now just... Read more
Gears of War 4 Gets New Maps, Halloween Event
By Brian Barnett Gears of War 4 will receive two new maps on October 23, and a Halloween event on October 27. In a post on Xbox Wire, The Coalition announced that the October Update includes the final two maps for Gears of War 4, as well as support... Read more
Reader Discussion – Are Loot Boxes Really That Bad?
By this point, you’ve had lots of chances to hear our thoughts on the rising trend of loot boxes in the industry. From written editorials to lengthy podcast discussions, we’re not fans of this predatory approach to game design.   But is the situation being blown out of proportion? As... Read more
Pokemon GO Chart Shows How PokeStop Drop Rates Have Changed
The role of the PokeStop is a big one for Pokemon GO players, with PokeStops acting as a vital place to receive important drops. However, recently users noticed that PokeStops may have been stealth nerfed, after a significant reduction in drop rates for certain items. Now, the community itself... Read more
With Legacy of Discord celebrating its 1 year anniversary, we spoke to YOOZOO about the success of its hit ARPG
Legacy of Discord – the fantasy-set Action MMORPG from Yoozoo Games – has ascended once more to reach yet another milestone, this time celebrating its one-year anniversary. Originally released simultaneously on both iOS and Android in October of 2016, the action epic has garnered millions of fans worldwide, and... Read more
Nintendo Switch update also adds wireless headset support
But, as always, it’s not exactly what you’d hope Continue reading… Source link Read more