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New Star Wars: Battlefront II Patch Adds More Reinforcements To Galactic Assault, Stops Boba Fett Exploits
EA and DICE have just released notes for Patch 1.03, which they say covers issues they found as they wrapped up development on the game. To begin with, each phase of Galactic Assault now includes more reinforcements, a big change to help balance. It also includes a number of... Read more
Yetis are real, they just also happen to be Himalayan brown bears
It would be easy to dismiss the myth of the yeti as just that: a myth. There’s no conclusive evidence that a giant, ape-like creature lives in the Himalayas (or anywhere else, for that matter). But the beauty of science is that we don’t just have to roll our... Read more
Red Dead Publisher Predicts When Games Will Go All-Digital
The games industry is already experiencing a big shift to digital as more people than ever are choosing to purchase and download their games instead of buying physical copies. But Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two thinks that the games industry will eventually be all-digital. Speaking during the Credit Suisse 21st... Read more
New research robustly resolves one of evolutionary biology's most heated disputes
IMAGE: This research challenges earlier evidence that Ctenophore is the earliest branching animal lineage first and puts sponges in that position. view more  Credit: Monterrey Bay Aquarium New research led by the University of Bristol has resolved evolutionary biology’s most-heated debate, revealing it is the morphologically simple sponges, rather than... Read more
App Army Assemble: RPGolf – How does it compare to Golf Story?
First there was Golf Story and then there was RPGolf. Both are based on the Mario Golf RPGs of yesteryear, and are basically JRPGs where golf takes the place of combat. You’ll go on an epic, world spanning adventure reminiscent of the NES days, putting balls and battling bosses.... Read more
The Names Of These 12 Actual Places In France Will Make You Giggle
BRB roadtripping to Orgy, France. This probably well-protected town on the river Baïse…. The locals are called condomois, and they've even been trying to build a museum of contraceptives. This attention-grabbing village near the eastern border… Named after a Roman land owner named, if you can believe it,... Read more
Sea-level rise predicted to threaten >13,000 archaeological sites in southeastern US
IMAGE: Tens of thousands of known archaeological sites are threatened by sea level rise in the southeast, and far more currently unknown and unrecorded, as shown here at low spatial resolution. view more  Credit: Anderson et al., 2017 Sea-level rise may impact vast numbers of archaeological and historic sites, cemeteries,... Read more
Destiny 2 developer Bungie is working on a wide variety of changes to the game, many of which the studio is making specifically in response to player feedback. Bungie announced the details today in a lengthy blog post, “The State of Destiny 2,” in which design director Luke Smith... Read more
Why are there no sea snakes in the Atlantic?
IMAGE: A few yellow-bellied sea snakes have been reported on the coast of northern Colombia, but odds are stacked against them establishing a breeding population, says Florida Museum herpetologist Coleman Sheehy…. view more  Credit: Florida Museum photo by Kristen Grace GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Sea snakes are an evolutionary success story.... Read more
Giveaway (Final Days): Destiny 2 Collector's Edition
Share. Enter for a chance to win the Collector’s Edition for Destiny 2. Just follow us on YouTube Fireteam Chat. By Fran Mirabella III   Hey, guardians! We’re giving away three (3) Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition sets for our Fireteam Chat sweepstakes. Be sure to check out the official... Read more