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Persona 5 Anime TV Series Will Air In 2018
Following the trend of past Persona games, Persona 5 will be getting its own animated television adaption. Atlus and A-1 Pictures have announced Persona 5 the Animation, an anime television series planned to air in Japan some time in 2018. Atlus shared the news in a post on Twitter, as well as... Read more
Glaciers may have helped warm Earth
IMAGE: Weathering of Earth by glaciers may have warmed Earth over eons by aiding the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A new study shows the cumulative effect may have… view more  Credit: Paul Quackenbush HOUSTON – (July 31, 2017) – It seems counterintuitive, but over the eons, glaciers... Read more
Alphabet’s X lab is working on renewable energy storage
Storing the energy produced from renewable sources is a significant challenge, and one that a number of players, including Tesla, are looking to address. Add Alphabet’s X (formerly Google X) to the list of those making an attempt: Its new Malta project is focused on building storage facilities that... Read more
The best deals of the week in handheld and mobile – July 31
Welcome our weekly round-up of the best deals in pocket gaming. As ever, we’ve got some bargain picks for you that will be difficult to resist. It works like this: each week we bring the best deals in handheld gaming, predominantly covering the latest discounts for iOS and Android... Read more
'Invasive' species have been around much longer than believed
IMAGE: This is Chrysocoma ciliata and microscope images of its pollen grain. view more  Credit: Jennifer Fitchett and Louis Scott The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Palaeoscience funded researchers based in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies and in the Evolutionary Studies Institute of the University of the... Read more
Intel beats earnings expectations as it manages to maintain growth in its Data Center Group
Intel declared $14.8 billion in revenue this afternoon and earnings per share of 72 cents. This represents a solid beat as analysts had expected revenues of $14.41 billion and EPS of 68 cents. The company’s  stock finished up 22 cents and 0.63 percent to $34.97 per share in regular... Read more
Where Food Is a Religion
I stir the minced pork in my koay teow th’ng, letting the flavor cling to the noodles before diving in with my spoon and chopsticks. Everyone at Keat Seng Restoran is similarly engrossed in either slurping noodles or dipping noodles in chili prior to a slurp, and not checking... Read more
Rick and Morty returned tonight for its long awaited third season and, carrying on the tune of last season’s finale, emotions are running high in the face of uncertainty. Rick... Read more
Neolithic farmers practiced specialized methods of cattle farming
IMAGE: A 5,400-year-old bovine lower jaw. view more  Credit: University of Basel, IPNA, C. Gerling Swiss farmers practiced various different methods of animal farming as early as 5,400 years ago, as demonstrated by a study by researchers from the University of Basel, as well as research institutions from Germany and... Read more
Ding’s ‘smart enough’ doorbell raises $345k+ on Seedrs
Ding, a London-based hardware startup, has raised more than £263,000 (~$345k) via the Seedrs equity crowdfunding platform as it works to get its first product — a wi-fi connected doorbell — to market this year. It’s the second tranche of crowdfunding the team has taken in, following a Kickstarter campaign... Read more