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Revenue, I choose you! The Pokémon Company’s profits jump by 2,500 percent
It’s been a banner year for The Pokémon Company: Pokémon GO was a global phenomenon and the latest full-on Pokégame for the 3DS sold very well indeed. One would expect the company to be doing well financially — perhaps even doubling or tripling last year’s profits. Well, apparently it... Read more
Here’s Overwatch’s new moon base map, which is playable today
Overwatch is getting a new map called Horizon Lunar Colony. That map, which is playable in the game’s core quick play and competitive modes, is now available on Overwatch’s public testing region servers. Players on Windows PC can opt in to the PTR and play Horizon Lunar Colony as... Read more
Support for tidal energy is high among Washington residents
IMAGE: The best areas for tidal energy in Puget Sound are shown. view more  Credit: Craig Hill/University of Washington Puget Sound is one of the best places in the United States to capture energy from tides. As water in the Sound rises and falls twice daily at high and low... Read more
iOS 11 release date, news and rumors
Update: Next week, the iOS 11 update launches for your iPhone and iPad, at least in beta form. New features are said to include smarter battery life, peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments and FaceTime Audio overtaking standard calls between Apple devices. iOS 11 is going to be a big deal.... Read more
24 Photos That Prove Glasgow Is The Ugliest City In Scotland
It’s an architectural armpit, basically. As everyone knows, Glasgow is ugly and industrial. Finnieston Crane and the River Clyde at night. Flickr: 99408200@N05 / Creative Commons It doesn’t have any sweet or rustic hidden corners. Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road. Flickr: slack12 / Creative Commons Nope, there are no... Read more
New Pokemon Mobile Game PokeLand Announced
Share. Continuing the Pokemon Rumble series. By Alex Osborn A new Pokemon game called PokeLand has been announced for mobile. As reported by, the new title will release for both iOS and Android devices, and will serve as a continuation of the Pokemon Rumble series. PokeLand will release for... Read more
The Physics of Ramming an Imperial Star Destroyer, Explained
This epic scene from Rogue One provides an awesome opportunity to do some physics. The post The Physics of Ramming an Imperial Star Destroyer, Explained appeared first on WIRED. Source link Read more
NordVPN (for iPhone)

NordVPN (for iPhone)

Tech May 31, 2017 0

The simplest way to ensure your privacy and protect your connection from snooping eyes while using an iPhone is to route your connection through a virtual private network, or a VPN, such as NordVPN. With the NordVPN iPhone app, you can connect to any of hundreds of servers around... Read more
Reader Discussion: What Do You Think Of Arms For Switch?
The first leg of the Arms “Testpunch” finished up on Sunday. What do you think of the game after this early look? New IPs are rare from Nintendo these days. Arms is not only a new world and collection of characters for Nintendo, but also marks the Switch’s first... Read more
2017 World Cultural Council Awards
IMAGE: This is the official banner for the announcement of the 2017 World Cultural Council Awards view more  Credit: COPYRIGHT © 2017 CONSEJO CULTURAL MUNDIAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Professor Omar M. Yaghi, has been selected as the winner of the ALBERT EINSTEIN World Award of Science and Professor Russell Hartenberger,... Read more